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About Yokohama/Start-up Support

Yokohama provides an ideal urban environment for doing business. From offices based in the city, companies can enjoy many of the area’s functional and locational advantages ranging from easy accessibility to central Tokyo and Haneda Airport as well as Yokohama Port, which is Japan’s leading international port; rents that are lower than in central Tokyo; employment of quality personnel, including researchers and engineers; and government grants for start-ups in addition to attractive residential environments.

1. Office rent

Q: My business is growing steadily and needs a larger office, so I am thinking of relocating. Among the listed candidates, Yokohama seems to be good. Is the city a good choice in terms of office rent?

Land prices and office rents in Yokohama are, on average, 30-40% lower than in Tokyo. Many companies choose Yokohama in view of its good cost-performance. The cost of being located in Yokohama is lower than in Tokyo, which is a major advantage of the city.


Previously, our office was in Tokyo. We began looking for a better location and found a larger office in Yokohama in a higher-grade building with a more reasonable rent. We quickly moved to Yokohama and the staff like the new office.

2. Office district

Q: Please describe the office districts in Yokohama.

Yokohama has many districts where business offices are concentrated. The major ones include Minatomirai, an attractive bay shore area with the beautiful sea and sky; Shin- Yokohama, a town centered on a major station on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line; and Kohoku New Town, which is one of the region’s most popular residential areas for its upmarket, elegant townscape.

©Hideo MORI


Our office is located in a nice business district surrounded by lush greenery. The district also has residential areas, so you can often see families with baby strollers walking leisurely on nearby streets. I like the pleasant atmosphere, which reminds me of the town in my own country where I used to work.”

3. Transport accessibility

Q: How easy is it to get from Yokohama to other parts of Japan?

Yokohama is convenient for traveling to major cities in Japan. It is only 25 minutes by train to the center of Tokyo. From Shin-Yokohama Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, you can easily get to Nagoya, Osaka and other major cities via the bullet train network. In addition, local transport systems offer easy access to Haneda Airport for quickly reaching farther destinations in Hokkaido or Kyushu.

Yokohama is convenient for traveling to major cities in Japan


Yokohama offers excellent access to major destinations throughout Japan. For example, all Shinkansen trains on the line stop at Shin-Yokohama Station, and there are direct buses to and from Haneda Airport. These excellent transportation links are one of the key reasons why we chose to set up here.

4. School education

Q: I will need to find an international school for my children near the office.

There are ten international schools in the city, including those for Germans, Indians and Chinese.

international school

©Yokohama International School


My children attend a German international school. They bike to school, which is not a worry because the city is safe for traffic.

5. Medical institutions

Q: Can I find medical institutions that can offer service in other languages in case my family who don’t speak Japanese need help?

In Yokohama, multi-language service is available at Yokohama City University Medical Center, which uses medical interpreters to assist admitted patients. In addition, local NPOs provide medical interpretation services and multi-lingual medical information for non-Japanese speakers. These are helpful for non-Japanese speakers needing medical attention.



Some hospitals in the area offer services in multiple languages. This is very helpful when non-Japanese staff and visitors from overseas need medical attention.

6. Consultation on setting up a business

Q: What consultation services does Hot Lines offer?

Through Hot Lines, foreign-owned enterprises can freely receive consultation and advice on life in Japan by phone or e-mail. We can help to find office spaces and offer referrals to administrative scriveners, tax accountants and other specialists. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

7. Government grants

Q: What government grants and other financial support are available for companies establishing an office in Yokohama?

The Yokohama City Government runs various grant programs to help companies in growth sectors set up their first business base in the city. Major programs include partial reimbursement of expenses for new establishment, tax incentives for acquiring real estate and other types of partial compensation for related costs. To receive any of these grants, companies must apply for the program before signing the lease contract. For details, please visit the website of Yokohama City.


At an early stage of setting up my business in Yokohama, a local official told me about the city’s grant programs, and helped me apply for them. I was also introduced to the city-led partnership coordination project for local smaller business, which we hope will help us build a new network.

Note: The testimonials above have been selected from those collected by Yokohama City Government (business attraction section) and Yokohama World Business Support Center.

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