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Business Inquiries

This serive is no longer available.

Business Inquiries

WBC offer a platform for exchange of information between overseas and Japanese companies.
We provide "Business Inquiry Information" received from firms, entrepreneurs and overseas economic organizations via
the WBC website, E-mail Magazine, etc.(Free of charge). You can post products and business inquiries on our website.

Example of Utilization
"Companies looking to export their Products to Japan"
"Companies looking to import products, etc. form overseas"
"Companies seeking various business distributors in Japan"
"Companies seeking oversea business partners" , etc.

1. In case of seeing Business Inquiries

Please click here. You can see posted Business Inquiries.

*A separate window will open.

Depending on the specific circumstances, it may be possible to request detailed information, such as the company name of the other party or contact information.

2 . In case of posting Business Inquiries

Please use this form to register and input your company products and business inquiries as the following Procedures1..

Part of the information registered would be posted on this site, when Japanese companies or organizations that make an enquiry, all information would be disclosed to them.


Please use the designated input form to provide us with the contents of your proposal, information about your company, and information of the staff responsible for this proposal.

Please complete all required fields using English only

After the application is confirmed, a summary of your proposal would be posted on the WBC website in Japanese (on the page directed at Japanese companies).

Certain details of the company, such as company name and location, as well as information of the staff responsible for this proposal would not be disclosed on the page.

If WBC receives an enquiry regarding your proposal, information of the company and the staff responsible for this proposal would be disclosed to the Japanese company or organization that has made an enquiry.

E-mail notification will be sent to the staff responsible for the proposal.

Please wait for the contact from the Japanese company or organization.

It is not guaranteed that your company will be contacted by the Japanese company or organization that has made an enquiry regarding your proposal.

* The information on this website would be posted for one year.
* WBC assumes no responsibility for any incidents that may occur involving Japanese companies or organizations contacted through this site.
* WBC assumes no responsibility for the contents of the posting, including its lawfulness, morality, accuracy, current validity, or permission of copyright.
Verification of such is the responsibility of the individual user.
* This website can be used only for business matchings between companies. It is not allowed to make advertisement for consumers. (e.g. online sales)

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